About us


APAG Oleochemicals Europe represents 27 European producers of Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Alcohols, Metallic Soaps and Fatty Esters located in 12 European countries.

Our Remit Includes:

  • Represent the interests of member companies in matters of common concern such as BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), nickel in animal feed ingredients, waste products, transport regulations, import duties, analytical methods, Existing Chemicals Regulation.
  • Expand and capitalise on lasting relationships with the EU and kindred organisations and to explore and extend network into national legislations.
  • Initiate the establishment of a global forum of regional oleochemical and allied product associations: SDA (Soap and Detergent Association), AOMG (Asean Oleochemicals Manufacturers Group) and APAG.
  • Assemble Industry Statistics.
  • Address all product-related issues as they arise.
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